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Hiring the Hall

Hire rates

All new non profit clubs receive a 100% discount on hire rates for the first 3 months to support the interests and range of clubs within the area.

Annual club rates are individually negotiated based on purpose, membership and profit orientation.

Multiple hire discounts are available, to individuals / groups



All lettings must be made through the Committee Member responsible for Hall hire

Contact the village hall hiring chair Wendy Martin or Steve King  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


While every effort is made to maintain the online calendar; due to the symbiotic relationship with the Village Club, situated beneath the main hall, bookings that conflict with each other may not be taken therefore availability only can be seen

  • The Small Hall hourly rate for up to 3 hours is £6.50 per hour
  • The Large Hall hourly rate for up to 3 hours is £11 per hour
  • Both Halls may be hired together at an hourly rate of £12 per hour for the first 3 hours, subject to advance authorisation by the Committee Member responsible for Hall hire
  • The hire fee includes the use of the kitchen facilities

Hire conditions

  • NO SMOKING is allowed in the building.
  • There will be a minimum of 15 minutes interlude between hiring’s to enable clearing of equipment by the leaving hirer.
  • All hirers of the Hall must be 21 years of age at the date of the proposed hire
  • No hire will be extended beyond 12 Midnight except on occasions allowed by Law.  In these instances and when agreed in advance with the Committee an additional charge will be made, based upon the hourly rate
  • All Property brought into the Hall is done so at the owners risk, and it is expected that any such property will be removed before the next hire period
  • Items may only be left in the Hall prior to the hire period provided that, in the opinion of the Committee, there will be no interference with any other hirers.  Any such items are the responsibility of the hirer
  • The time required for preparation of the Hall will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate unless covered within the hire period
  • Should it be required to sell or supply Alcohol in any part of the building the hirer must apply for a Temporary Events Notice from Braintree District Council.  The forms and guidance notes can be downloaded from the Council’s website, alternatively hard copies can be obtained from the Licensing Section at Causeway House, Bocking End, Braintree, CM7 9HB or 01376 552525.  The Hirer shall be absolutely responsible to the Trustees and the Police for the proper conduct of the bars and the sale and supply of alcohol
  • The Committee reserves the right to cancel any booking if the relevant Temporary Events Notice for the sale or supply of Alcohol has not been granted.  No refund will be made in this instance
  • The Hirer must designate TWO responsible adult persons to ensure the good conduct of those attending the event.  These persons are to be responsible for preventing unauthorised entry into the function, specifically those persons under the influence of alcohol / drugs or under the required legal age where there is to be the supply or sale of alcohol
  • A deposit of 25% of the full fee is required at the time of booking, the balance of the fee is to be paid upon collection of the key.  The key will be withheld until the balance has been paid in full
  • Hirers are liable to pay for any damage or loss incurred.  If any damage is found before the hire commences it must be reported immediately to the Committee Member responsible for Hall hire
  • In the event of cancellation a minimum of 14 days notice must be given in order to obtain a refund of the deposit, (minus the sum of £10 for administrative costs).  If the deposit is less than £10 then no refund will be made 
  • All equipment / furniture belonging to the Hall must be replaced to where first found
  • Hirers must be aware of the operation of the emergency lighting equipment, and the location of emergency exits; Premises orientation is available at a mutually agreeable time with a Committee officer.
  • Hirers must organise adequate insurance cover so as to indemnify the Management Committee of any claim resulting from the actions of the hirer or those attending the event for which the Hall was hired
  • The Management Committee will hold the hirer responsible and liable for any claim which may arise for which the Committee has not affected insurance cover
  • The Management Committee reserve the right to refuse a request for hire and is not liable to provide reasons or details of any decisions made
  • The heating is under the exclusive control of the Committee, and must not be tampered with.  However, the hirer can use of the temporary override button as shown during premises orientation
  • The Village Hall Management committee or any of its officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer) is authorised to impose any additional conditions / limitations without notice on any hiring where they feel the hire is detrimental to the Hall, its neighbours or reputation within the village, including immediate termination of  the hire.
  • Any of the officers named above may require access to any part of the village hall at any time during a hiring to find out facts to allow them to fairly impose any additional conditions / limitations necessary
  • Hirers are required to remove and dispose of all rubbish, empties, waste etc. Anyone failing to do this within an agreed timescale after the event will be barred from future hiring’s without payment of a £25.00 fee for the previous hire and a £50 (refundable) deposit for the subsequent hire.


Click here to see hiring terms & conditions.

(you will require the Adobe PDF reader to open these documents.  To download it, click here.)


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