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Braintree District Council is consulting on increasing its fees and charges for the community transport scheme following a reduction in grant this year by Essex County Council towards the running cost of the scheme.  The grant has been reduced from £105,541 in 2016/17 to £90,332 for 2017/18, a reduction of £15,209 with a further reduction anticipated for 2018/19. It will mean that a typical 5 mile journey could go up by 50p*.


The Community Transport scheme in the Braintree District provides affordable transport for older people, those with restricted mobility, those with a disability who may struggle to use public transport and those who have need which are not met by existing transport services. The service provided over 51,000 journeys in the Braintree District last year.


To help Braintree District Council maintain the service in light of this reduction in funding, it is considering increasing fares and charges which have not previously risen for four years. Proposed increases fees vary from 0 per cent to 33 per cent. Currently the cost of a journey is about half the cost of using conventional transport services.


A report was considered by the Council’s  Cabinet on the 10th July 2017 and we are now commencing an eight week consultation with members of the Community Transport Scheme from Monday 24th July to Friday 15th September 2017 on increasing the fees and charges.

This is the link to the Cabinet meeting agenda:


The Community Transport report is item 7a, starting on page 15.

Subject to the outcome of the consultation the intention will be to implement the increases from 2nd October 2017.

The main changes proposed are:-  


Social Car Scheme Current Fare Structure

Proposed New Fare Structure

£3.00 minimum fare up to 5 miles

£3.50 minimum fare up to 5 miles*

60p per mile over 5 miles

70p per mile over 5 miles


Minibus Hire Scheme Current Fare Structure

Proposed New Fare Structure including fuel

£25 minimum fare up to 20 miles

£30 minimum fare up to 20 miles

£1.25 per mile over 20 miles

£1.50 per mile over 20 miles


  • Annual membership will increase from £15 to £20 on the Social Car Scheme and from £20 to £25 for Groups who hire minibuses. 


  • The HMRC approved allowance payable to volunteer drivers is 45p per mile which will remain unchanged.


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