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Superfast Essex: BT Delivery Update

Letter from Superfast Essex:


Dear Parish Councils/Town Councils/Broadband Champions,


Some of you will have been made aware following our recent Broadband Champion sessions, or may have noticed yourselves; the timescales for the Superfast Essex programme’s current BT delivery on our interactive map are changing and we want to explain to you why this is.


Firstly, we want to reassure you that the BT rollout has not been delayed. Work remains on track.


The timescales for delivery in local communities are in the process of being reviewed to incorporate additional cabinets to be delivered. This is because Superfast Essex is in the process of expanding the current delivery programme. We are re-investing a subsidy refund due from BT following better-than-expected levels of take-up of fibre services from those enabled by the programme so far. This is known as the ‘Gainshare’ reinvestment, which you may recall being discussed at recent events.


The Gainshare reinvestment is going to form part of the current delivery, enabling us to connect around 9,000 additional properties to fibre broadband, to be completed almost within the same timeframe as  the original Phase 2a rollout (by December 2019), which is good news. As a result, the timescales on the map for the current BT rollout are in the process of being updated while the project team review their schedule for the additional work to be added in.


We are aiming for the new timescales relating to deployment in the existing programme to be live on the interactive map next week. We will show full details for the cabinets due to be upgraded in the next six months. If work is not confirmed to be completed in the next six months, the map will reflect that the work is due for completion by December 2019 and provide an estimated delivery date for guidance. It will then be updated to provide the six month rolling view once known.


Details of the additional rollout for areas due to be upgraded as a result of the Gainshare reinvestment will be shared on the interactive map in early July, alongside the further deployment plans to be added by our new Phase 3 contracts.


As discussed before, all timescales shown on the map will be subject to change dependent on unforeseen difficulties, detailed planning and shifts in BT’s delivery plan.


Please keep an eye on the website next week for revised timescales. If you have any feedback or any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us by our online contact form.


Kind regards,




Charlotte Deighton

Project Support Officer (Communications) – Superfast Essex

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