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24th March 2017


FAO: Ms Katie Towner, Case Officer

Braintree District Council

Causeway End

Bocking End






Dear Ms Towner


Planning Application 17/00313/FUL

Land South of Silver Street, Wethersfield


Wethersfield Parish Council objects to planning application 17/00313/FUL - Land south of Silver Street, Wethersfield - Erection of 12 dwellings with associated access and landscaping.


Although there is no objection to residential development of this site in principle, particularly as the site has been included in the draft local plan with no public objection during the consultation period, there are strong objections to the design of this application.


Wethersfield Parish Council has recently consulted with parishioners about this site at two well attended public meetings and therefore feels confident that the objections accurately reflect the views of local people and should be taken into account.

We object to the application on the following grounds:-


1.   Housing density – The site as proposed is for 12 dwellings. This is one more than the maximum recommended by the Braintree planning officers. As proposed the site is too dense and risks the enjoyment of the site by new occupants and would adversely affect neighbouring properties.


2.    Type of housing proposed – The overwhelming view of parishioners is that any new housing in the parish should be for affordable 2 or maximum 3 bedroom houses, suitable as starter homes to meet local market demand.


3.     Access – The new access onto the highway is on a bend and potentially dangerous, particularly if the proposed high housing density and larger housing type sees multiple occupancy houses with multiple cars per household. A use of the adjacent access road with established access onto the highway should be considered as an alternative.


4.       Specific concerns for neighboring properties – The two nearest neighbouring properties (The Old Coach House and Black Gables and their residential annexes) on the eastern boundary of the site are both historic properties of significance, including a boundary wall to the site dating from 1727. The proposed position and associated trees and landscaping of the new houses along this boundary will adversely affect both these properties by causing:


a.               Loss of light and overshadowing.

b.               Loss of privacy, particularly as the new larger properties proposed will be substantially higher than the existing dwellings.

c.               Loss of visual amenity due to adjacent proximity of the new builds and landscaping.


The density and design of the new site does not meet local needs for housing and shows little consideration for neighbouring properties. We strongly request that Braintree District Council refuse this application and seek a total re-design of the site to address the concerns raised.


Yours sincerely




Alison Lucas

Clerk to Wethersfield Parish Council


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