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6thJanuary 2017


Cllr Lynette Bowers-Flint

Chairman of the Local Plan Sub-Committee

Braintree District Council

Causeway House

Bocking End






Dear Cllr Bowers-Flint


Proposed developments at West Drive (WETH 624) and Hudson’s Hill (WETH 636), Wethersfield


I have been instructed by Wethersfield Parish Council (WPC) to write to clarify its position in regard to the above sites.


WPC agreed to support the inclusion of these sites in the Draft Local Plan in principle, subject to a full public consultation.


Unfortunately, at the Local Plan Sub-Committee meeting where this was discussed and agreed, the Parish Council’s position was misrepresented by the proposed developer of the sites.  He claimed, and was allowed to claim, that he had the full support of WPC for his proposals. This is simply untrue. The Parish Council had previously decided not to enter into any discussions with the developer on the specific details of his proposed development, but based its decision on the principle of the potential for development of the land for housing. At no time did WPC offer any support for any specific proposal and the Council is disappointed that this was not made clear at the meeting.


Following some reflection on the outcome of the Planning Sub-Committee discussion, WPC has decided to undertake more considered local consultation, and has arranged for a public meeting to be held in the near future to help it determine whether to confirm its support for the addition of the sites to the Braintree District Local Plan.



The Council now understands that Mr Gittins is on the point of lodging a planning application for the site at Hudson’s Hill.  In the opinion of WPC this is premature and inappropriate bearing in mind that the Local Plan still has a long way to go before it is adopted.  If an application is lodged it is hard to see how WPC will be able to do anything other than strenuously oppose it at this time.


Please ensure that the contents of this letter are made available to the Members of the Local Plan Sub-Committee.


Yours sincerely




Alison Lucas (Mrs)

Clerk to Wethersfield Parish Council


cc      Mr A Massow, Senior Policy Planner, Braintree District Council

Cllr P Schwier, District Councillor representing Three Fields, Braintree District Council



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