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Three steps to take that will reduce the risk of you being a burglary victim.


Is there clear unobstructed access to the rear?

Burglars will prefer to gain access out of sight at the rear. Where possible fence and gate access to rear gardens with 1.8m close boarded wooden fencing, top this with some trellis and/or spiky toppings (spiky toppings require a warning notice). Ensure the gate is securely locked. How about some defensive planting, what's this you ask ................. something like Berberus, Pyracantha or Hawthorn around perimeter fencing and in trellis.



In wooden doors in addition to the "Rim Lock" fit and use a five lever mortice lock. Most PVC doors as with windows use a multi locking system, make sure you know how to use it, when inside pulling the handle up will engage all the locks but in some cases will only lock the centre lock, to lock all the mechanism in place you must use the key (if in doubt try it before the burglar does).


Become an illusionist

Make your home appear occupied even when you are out, a burglar is more than likely to only see your home in one moment in time. Simple things like lights on timers and "FakeTV" for the evenings, you can now even get a timer that fits over your light switches (search on the internet for light switch timer). During the day leave a radio on, boots outside the back door, vacuum cleaner out with the lead going out of sight (not plugged in though), newspaper over the arm of the chair with a drink on the table and a pair of spectacles, the list goes on.


Naturally these are but a few measures you can take that will reduce your risk and depending on the property there may be others that also reduce the risk of being a burglary victim.



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