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MiCommunity grant money funds a new Petanque court at Wetherfsield

After the Tour de France the french theme continues in Wethersfield!


In response to a request from many within the community to resurrect the sport, the DFPFA has recently co-ordinated the construction of a Petanque playing surface at Wethersfield Playing Field. The court's construction was financed by a Braintree District Council MiCommunity grant and was built to a size (12m x 15m) to cater for tournament sized events which frequently have two or three matches taking place simultaneously.


Neighbouring communities have also indicated an interest in making use of the facility and so we can expect some busy weekends ahead especially during the summer months.  


Should anyone wish to get involved in the more organised competitive form of the game they should contact Terry Whiting (01371 850293) who will be happy to provide more information on a future programme of activity.


The area is of course open to any groups, small or large, who wish to play the game on a more informal basis so dust off those boules and check it out!

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