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The DFPFA are successful again at the EPFA Awards night!

The Derek Flannery Playing Field Association are delighted to announce that they have successful for the second year in a row at the Essex Playing Field Association's Awards night.


The awards from the seven category annual "BEST KEPT PLAYING FIELD" competition, which is open to some 180 members of the EPFA throughout Essex, were made at their AGM held at the Essex County Ground in Chelmsford on 24th November 2013.


Details of the DFPFA awards are as follows:


  • Class 2 - Best Kept Playing Field (serving a population of under 2500)

OVERALL WINNERS! ( (best of entrants achieving Gold Award status.)

  • Class 3 - Childrens Playgrounds (judged apart from playing field on which they are situated)

Gold Award 

  • Class 4 - Cricket Grounds on which a winter game may or may not be played

Silver Award

  • Class 6 - Best Kept Football Pitch

Gold Award


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